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The Mission

Titus Firearms LLC was formed to encourage firearm training, promote safe gun handling skills and to provide custom AR rifles and accessories to the public and law enforcement community. Our guiding principle is providing excellent customer service and education about firearms to the public. Through our NRA based classes and advanced shooting skills classes, we bring almost 20 years of experience and knowledge to the public.

About Titus

Founded in August 2011 by Mike Titus, Titus Firearms is a small, friendly store offering a full line of handguns, rifles, AR’s and accessories.

After spending several years over seas working in Personal Security, Mike came home to the Elkhart area and saw a need for a gun shop focused on the individual customer, not superstore buying power.  He formed Titus Firearms to meet this need. Since opening, the store and its inventory have grown exponentially. Mike prides himself on a friendly environment whether you’re a novice or a trained professional.

I recommend Titus Firearms. Mike is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and just an over-all great guy.
- Bill M.